HOW TO GET A JAPANESE VISA (without a Guarantor)

So you're planning to go to Japan and you're fretting because you have read some articles about denied visas especially for this type of visa and for first-time travellers. I was in the same boat before I wrote this article. Tons of articles about Japanese Visa were read and I still couldn't get that reassuring feeling that I can definitely get an approved visa.

Frankly, I took the risk of applying for this type of visa with a prepared mind and heart before I made this decision. I actually decided to apply for a Japanese visa because of one important reason--- I didn't want to give up in the name of love (my main reason for applying) and then, I wanted to know how it feels like to be denied of something you really desire for a long time. Masochist eh? :D

I had already thought of the endless possibilities of being rejected and I had actually decided the title of the article I would use to write about denied Japanese visa without a guarantor. LOL.

However, luck was on my side. When I got a text message from the Friendship Tours which states that my visa has been approved, I couldn't help but shout for joy! I was about to eat my dinner at that time, but I couldn't. I just couldn't wipe that grin from ear to ear off my face, so I ended up hungry during my work. HAHA!

IN THE NAME OF LOVE and from the helpful articles I've read and from FRIENDSHIP TOURS, here are the documents which you need to prepare especially for first-time travellers:

  • PASSPORT (with at least 6 months validity)
    • You can download it online or fill it up at the agency you chose, but to be sure, it's better if you fill it up in their office (handwritten). The agency I used stated in their e-mail that there should be no erasures or blanks, so please be mindful when filling up the form.
  • PHOTO ( size: 4.5cm x 4.5 cm with white background)
    • Make sure that you emphasize the size and background of your photo and please choose a credible shop. I was actually rejected by one shop because they're not confident enough about the required photo for the visa.
  • NSO BIRTH CERTIFICATE (should be latest and I recommend getting 2 copies)
    • According to Friendship Tours:
    • ***If late registered, kindly provide Baptismal cert. and Form 137
    • ***If no-record, kindly provide LCR (Local Civil Registrar)
    • ***If late registered/no-record (senior citizen), kindly provide senior card copy
  • For married applicants, NSO MARRIAGE CONTRACT(should be latest)
    • Here's my sample itinerary -->

  • BANK CERTIFICATE (should be latest and I recommend getting 2 copies)
    • Please get a CERTIFICATE, not a statement. Some agencies are really strict about this. You can get it in your respective banks for more or less P100 and request for this document at least three days before your scheduled visa application.
  • INCOME TAX RETURN (Form 2316 or 1701)
    • This should be the latest and the agency will get the photocopy.
    • NO ITR?
      • From what I've read, you can present business permits or any proof of your financial capability and contribution to BIR.
  • SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS (for more chances of winning, I mean, approval! :D)
    • Certificate of Employment (It should state your monthly and annual salary, how long you've been working in the company, and your position.)
    • Leave Approval Letter (or any proof of your approved number of leaves)

NB: As much as possible, you have to prepare the supporting documents so that the agency or Embassy of Japan can make sure that you have a strong tie in the Philippines and you're not planning anything suspicious or illegal. The Embassy of Japan has relaxed their requirements for Japanese visas, so please don't abuse it. We're fortunate enough of being given this kind of opportunity to visit their country.

Surprisingly, it's easy for me to get an approved visa albeit I have no travel history and I'm a first-time traveller. I reckon as long as you have strong ties to the Philippines and you have all the documents they need, I'm sure you will be granted with a visa.

Now the real headache would be at the IMMIGRATION...


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